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Ceramic ball:

Si3N4: Si3N4 ceramic spheres are precision ceramics sintered at high temperature in a non-oxidizing atmosphere. They have high strength, high abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. They can be used in seawater for a long time.At 800℃, the strength and hardness are almost unchanged, and its density is 3.20g/cm3, which is almost 1/3 of the weight of bearing steel. When rotating, the centrifugal force is small, and high-speed operation can be achieved.It also has self - lubrication, it can be used in non - lubrication medium high pollution environment.Become ceramic bearing, mixed ceramic ball bearing material.

Silicon carbide (Si3C4) : silicon carbide ceramic ball product has stable performance. The comprehensive performance of silicon nitride is better.Compared with steel, the mass is lighter than steel, the friction coefficient is small, the motion performance is good, the elastic modulus is 50% larger than steel, the thermal expansion coefficient is less than 25% of steel, the high temperature before 1000℃ can maintain high strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, no rust, no magnetic, can work in the condition of no oil lubrication.Silicon carbide ball material: pressed sintered silicon carbide density: 3.15g /cm3 color: black grade: G10, G16.


Zirconia (ZrO2) : at room temperature with high strength and high toughness, good wear resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance, high stiffness, magnetic conductivity, electrical insulation.Zirconia ceramic ball at 600℃, strength, hardness almost unchanged its density of 6.00g/cm3, the thermal expansion rate is close to the metal if the expansion rate, can be used with the metal

Alumina (Al2O3) : since it has high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, than big, small volume, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, no pollution and other excellent properties and is widely applied to different types of ceramic, enamel, glass, chemical industry and so on thick hard material finishing and deep processing factory, is a ball mill, cylindrical grinding machine, vibration grinding machine, fine crushing equipment of grinding medium, its crushing grinding efficiency and wear resistance significantly better than ordinary or natural pebble stone ball.

Compared with steel ball, the main advantages of silicon nitride are:




(1) it is 59% lighter than the steel ball, which greatly reduces the centrifugal force, rolling and wear of the bearing on the channel when it is running at a high speed;




(2) the elastic modulus is 44% larger than that of steel, which means that the deformation is much less than that of steel ball under stress;




(3) the hardness is higher than steel, HRC reaches 78;




(4) small friction coefficient, non-magnetic, electrical insulation, more resistant to chemical corrosion than steel;




(5) the coefficient of thermal expansion is 1/4 of that of steel, which can withstand the temperature change;




(6) good surface finish, Ra can reach 4-6 nm;




(7) high temperature resistance, silicon nitride ceramic ball at 1050 degrees Celsius high temperature still has a high strength, hardness;




(8) will not rust, can work in the condition of no oil lubrication.

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